Three steps forward, once step back

Firstly, thanks very much for the supportive, constructive messages in the comment section of the previous blog post. I will answer them once I get back on the right track. I can assure you we are learning from those messages too. Your suggestions are very important to us, which means we are taking your suggestions into account as we go forward. On a personal note, many of you have been very supportive to me personally. I can’t say thank you enough for that. Words are cheap, so I understand the best way to say thanks is by creating a good game from the current, early access Subverse – which we will do.

There are some other messages that exist too. Anybody can see those messages in the Steam public game review section until the Steam moderators decide to remove them. Many of these messages are still there. It seems those kind, well wishing messages come true for me. I was diagnosed as COVID positive and I am struggling with health issues right now. I am referring to messages in the Steam public game review comment section like “Tibor you should die” or “F…ck you Tibor, f…ck your mother I hope you die soon” or “Tibor you white dog”. There are hundreds of such messages. It is quite a life time achievement that our work and business had attracted such supportive, friendly, civilized, and kind individuals. Worth to mention, a porn parody game with a mega-satirical tone triggered such intensely positive emotions from those very nice people. A minor detail is, we have never-ever promised that any localization in any language will be done during the early access period. No worries, details are obviously not important.

The good news is, I have made some progress in the last few weeks, before I managed to get COVID.

I have finally integrated a very capable motion capture device with Unreal Engine and the Subverse game app. The pipeline works! That means we can speed up several areas of the animation process. We will be able to deliver more animation and quicker in certain areas of the game. Using the motion capture device for less complex animations our world class animators can focus on what you are most interested in – porn.

Also, our experienced game designer colleague has provided me with excellent material for the new Dating System. The planned Dating System will transform Subverse into a far better game. Having this high level design, I can now see how we can create a bridge between the endless missions, the story and the romantic domain of the game. I have been prototyping the branching dialogue,  minigames, and the UI of the Dating System. Also, I have been prototyping a more sensible, capable and more user friendly save game system for the game.

The COVID virus seems taking the toll on me and it is a step back in terms of the work. Being not a young man I am in a more risky age group and my underlying heart condition makes things worst. This virus prevents me from progressing with the optimal or any speed really this moment in time. I hope to get back soon and deliver some serious software coding on Subverse.

The most important is, despite the current disappointment of many users, regardless of the review bombing, we go forward steadily until we create a good game for our supportive user base, as we fully understand most of you are very kind and supportive to us.

Thanks again for your support and take care of yourselves!  


15 responses to “Three steps forward, once step back”

  1. You really are the best Tibor, dont let the worst of the internet get you down for a second. You’ll beat them and this virus and show them all up, we’re all rooting for you.

    I love hearing from your blog posts, and the things you say are in the works are extremely exciting. I was sad yesterday when I saw Subverse’s store page and the negative reviews lately, hopefully with enough time to prove them all wrong you guys will come on top again.

    If you’ll indulge my hubris I’d like to throw my hat in the ring for date ideas specifically centered around the Bar, maybe drinking games or simulated poker. Things to do within the Mary Celeste herself that can engage with people.

    Sidenote I always loved that name, not sure why specifically but its a great name for a starship.

    Get well soon Tibor, we’re proud of you, and know if only privately that #TiborDidNothingWrong

    See you again soon


    1. @Sandbar Thanks for the support and kind words.


  2. Studio Fow comunication with the fans is BY FAR the best i’ve ever seen in the games industry


  3. Get well soon Tibor! and keep being legend! And no matter what, don’t stop.


  4. aye Tibor make sure to eat alot so you can keep your white blood cells up. not gonna lie my dad caught it and he ate like a horse and kicked it out his system in like 6days but its only when you dont fell like eating, eat. keep your head up you’re a cool dude and get well soon


  5. Thank you for these posts Tibor – it’s good you guys seem to have a good grasp on where the game needs improvement so far, so that’s relieving to hear.

    Don’t get back to work before you’re healthy again, though, health is somehow even MORE important than even porn (unbelievable, admittedly)

    Once you’re back at it – you might want to whip up a quick homepage for this blog, it leads to a 404 right now 😛

    Stay safe and don’t led the mindless haters get you down!


  6. Please take care of yourself. Your health is more important to us than pushing yourself for the game. I really appreciate all the effort you put into it.

    Regarding that, branching dialogue game sounds absolutely lovely. To be honest anything that means I get to interact with the squid-love of my life is a net plus.

    You rule and don’t let any steam posts bring you down.


  7. smirnoffdancer Avatar

    Keep up the good work, Tibor!
    Haters are dumb and can go get f***** by a biggest Mantic with a biggest d***
    Get well soon 🙂


    1. @higor nicoli; @onionknight1927; @GOTZ @Buschwichtel; @Ribonizer Zoog; @smirnoffdancer; Thanks guys for the wonderful, very kind support. It means and helps a lot. Take care you all as well.


  8. Hello, a Chinese here. I don’t know if it will reach you but I want you to know I’m truly sorry about what my compatriots said to you, though I really feel shameful calling them that.
    The whole localization “controversy” was bullshit from the start (subverse isn’t even avaliable for steam in PRC), and I can’t believe that they are still after you after all this time, or even worse, those shameless cowards probably attack you intentionally becasue they think they can hurt you more when you have a health condition.
    My country and people are in a mindless frenzy these years, and sadly most normal people have to remain silent, because standing up poses real life consequences. I hope you can know that these hate messages comes from an extremely vocal minorities, and despite them, there are people here who genuinely support your work and hope you succeed.
    And more importantly, I want to tell you, that you made the right choice. Those people are not out for respect, they are out for obedience and their own vanity, they are hyenas who cower from the ones who fights back against them, but will happily abuse anyone who show them a silver of kindness and respect, and even ask for more. I have seen so many of them “in action” these years, and I don’t want it to happen again.
    Please take care of yourself Tibor, get well soon!! We all hope nothing but the best for you, and don’t let the whining hater bring you down.


    1. Hi, we understand there are many wonderful supporters in China. Thanks for your continued support and trust.


  9. very sorry there were so many trolls on the steam forum. I hope you ll get over covid fast as long covid are a real pain. Kudos for your blog, i enjoy it, keep on the good work!


    1. Thanks and take care too.


  10. Oh poor Tibor.

    You see a few reviews saying “F you Tibor” but i wonder if you see tons of reviews saying “F you Studio FOW”.

    You said Studio FOW will only get Traditional Chinese localization,that ain’t the reason most Chinese players hate ya.My co-worker buy this game at launch with high price and only got a Steam account which registered in low-price region with a Subverse copy in it.

    I ask him “Why you waste your money,it’s a low-price region man the guy who sells this to ya make tons of money”

    But he answered “I want to show my support to the dev team and the game.”

    I bought this game too,by accepting a Steam gift from HK region account.Of course i paid for that.

    The thing is,you said the traffic from China mainland is zero that’s why people mad at ya.Mainland gamers were struggling to buy Subverse with all the measures they could come up with.You should notice that HK,TW sells very well,that is because mainland gamers discover that HK,TW region gift can be accepted by Mainland account.You don’t know these,and you didn’t try to know this,that’s why most Chinese gamers mad at ya.And of course later you call Chinese players who were review bombing to show their dissatisfaction “vile mole” which make them madder.

    You just didn’t realize how much weight language can carry and how much weight language is carrying and you didn’t take actions to learn it,which leads to today’s situation —- The whole Studio FOW get “F”ed from Steam reviews.

    I hope you apologize,not to Chinese players,but to other members of Studio FOW.They are suffering from the consequence your action leads to.You own them one apology.And I hope you have learned the weight of language from the mess you cause.

    At last,hope you get discovered from the COVID.Although i dislike you but I hate COVID more.


    1. I have to agree with you that words carry weight. I am sorry to hear you dislike me. I don’t dislike you at all and I wish you the very best.


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