Progressing on Subverse

I thought it would be a good idea to write about my Unreal Engine game design experience in a blog. Writing the blog will hopefully help to structure my objectives, and to keep my focus on the goals. At the same time, I hope this info could be useful for the supporters of Subverse.

Prior to Subverse I had been delivering UI applications for a very long time. The feedback about my UI design work has been quite positive. Having this UI design background, moving to game design I feel is quite natural. The problem is my gaming experience stopped back in the late 90’s with Caesar III (lol). Never mind, C++ has not changed much since then. 

By developing Subverse obviously I cannot rely on my Caesar III experience (even if I built quite nice aqueducts in that game). To understand how we can make Subverse a much better game I am gathering user feedback by reading suggestions, forum comments, DEV Diary comments, user requests, and watching YouTube reviews. Based on the feedback, I understand what the main issues with the game are.

I must get competent with Unreal Engine very soon. What is the best way to learn a new application development framework? In my experience the quickest way to learn new things in software development is to work on concrete tasks.

To learn Unreal Engine, I started prototyping things and creating software pieces. Please note this is my personal, engine learning R & D activity and what goes into the game depends on our new game designer.

To move forward quickly I started to create a mini dating system. This is a generic prototyping effort that connects the adult scenes with the story. The system also allows romantic interaction between the player and the waifus. Whether or not such thing should be in Subverse I would be happy to hear your opinion. I also started to create minigames. The idea is to increase your interactions with the waifus via various minigames. I am prototyping to expose this to the player via a branching dialogue. The branching dialogue I am developing is using JSON input, so we can handle complex branching dialogue scenarios. These are good use cases to get familiar with Unreal Engine C++. I am also experimenting with a generic (not Subverse specific, but a generic software module) skill tree to manage the player’s game wide progress. Would a dating system, the various mini games, branching dialogue, skills tree make Subverse a better game? Let me know please what you think. DISCLAIMER: Again, please note what I am doing now is pure R & D to learn Unreal Engine.  This is NOT a roadmap for Subverse. All the above is a software development experiment. What goes into the game is a different matter.

What matters is, to transform Subverse into a very good game. I am committed to delivering software development to achieve that objective.

Thanks for your support!

Talk to you soon again.

8 responses to “Progressing on Subverse”

  1. Good job! Keep up the good work!


  2. Hello Tibor, glad to see you still remain a valued member of the Subverse team. I hope you read the comments of the other dev diaries, we all have your back. I think this blog is a really good idea, even if it shows you age 😉 havent seen a real blog post in a very long time.

    As for the content of this game I am really looking forward to seeing what you do. I love your idea of implementing these interactions into the dating systems, just dont make the minigames be Bejeweled

    Based on your suggestions maybe something to implement would be a dialogue choice after getting one of the +60 (max affection) dating items, like if you gave DEMI the machine code it opened up a dialogue choice for a big affection boost. Something along those lines.

    I dont want to suggest adding too many lines because I know how hard voice acting can be and as much of a fan as I am of skill trees I would only suggest ground combat having XCOM-style character upgrades

    I look forward to seeing all the cool stuff you’re involved it. If nothing else, know your work is awesome and appreciated by the rest of the community. See you in future DD’s soon.


  3. Dude, i’m really impressed with all the dedication the team have with Subverse, like really!
    and i believe i’m the only one subscribed in your channel on youtube… anyway bye


  4. Higor Phelipe 2.0 Avatar
    Higor Phelipe 2.0

    And i’m trying to do some lame marketing of the game here in brasil too…


  5. Thank you so much for helping create one of my favorite games of all time! I’ve been playing Caesar 3 on and off for almost 25 years now. It truly is a classic!

    By the way, do you know of the recent engine rebuild called Augustus? It adds a ton of new features from QOL improvements to all new game mechanics. You should have a look at it if you have the time, at least watch some footage of it on Youtube.

    Anyway I wish you the best of luck with Subverse!


  6. In my opinion, adding some romance interaction to the game would be a great move. The state of the game now looks kinda like, meet a girl, fuck her, to the next one. It would be a great thing to add some character to them, make player care about the waifu more. I bet a lot of people have a favourite waifu (including me) so it would be really fun to go more of that romance route despite it being a harem game. Minigames sounds great too since the game kinda lacks with the characters interactions. Happy to see you doing good after being treated pretty poorly. Keep up the good work.


  7. Great Tibor, you are right just start doing stuff is a best way. But when you said that C++ did not change much since 90s… Oh boy. It *really* did. Damn, look at C++20 modules, guaranteed rvo, all this constexpr, move… Look at the std::future and promise, oh shit it really goes forward in so many ways Tibor 😉 But embedded old dudes still keep on C-eing anyways ehh. Keep on the good job, over.


  8. Hey Tibor!

    I was playing through the post-Huntress updates yesterday after a hiatus following the initial release, and I found it pretty well-done, taking into consideration this is an evolutionary project – FOW taking its baby steps in gaming, outside Flash as I understand.

    Whereas I don’t know much about UE yet, I will not even try to get technical with you, plus C++ is not a language I invested time in either, my review will be from a user/design standpoint.

    I think your idea regarding a dating system is just great. As I finished the current storyline I was still pondering the fact, shuffling through Pandora just feels a bit unearned. You do what you would do anyways from a gameplay perspective, clear nodes and do missions, but there is no organic relationship between that, and unlocking the ‘content’. Your idea is a great bridge over this gap, and integrating some sort of progression into it would definitely incentivize ‘grinding on’ towards further parts of the game.
    I’d add to this with the fact that the game already has mechanics in place for the impatient ones. Power-skipping through dialogs and cutscenes, skipping missions on failure, et cetera. Implementing access to Pandora in a way it could still be unlocked in the current method, with the PP points for devotion levels, would be a fair solution for the ones who want to go fast, but enveloping the scenes with dating sequences (and then them unlocking Pandora for… further research) would feel much better to me personally, considering the game’s storyline, which I was honestly not expecting much from, got really, REALLY interesting, and it seems it will still go on for a long, long period, so shuffling it to parallel progression or story-event related ‘gated’ unlocks seems ideal. It’s a match made in heaven really, looking at Mass Effect and Dragon Age, which I know are memed on but are a solid foundation in ideology for this game aswell. Just don’t overcomplicate it, because that is the downfall of everything in development (and of course, game development aswell)

    Good luck in your further endeavours in game design and development!


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