Latest developments

Following a long battle with COVID and post-COVID problems I am back to work on the 30th September. My age and several underlying health issues made the COVID situation complicated. Finally, I feel a lot better. Thanks very much for your kind well wishes and support in this blog and other places too. It is much appreciated; it means a lot to me.

In step one I will focus on bug fixing and improvements to understand the source code better. Also, I must work on some new modules. The new modules are the Devotion Meter, Devotion Quests and Cloud Save. The Devotion Meter is an exciting addition to handle the progression in a more sensible way. I will explain this new system in a separate post. As always your comments and suggestions will be very much appreciated. It seems to me from the design documents the game will be quite a different experience (I mean a lot better) by having included the Devotion Meter and Devotion Quests. The Cloud Save is a frequently requested feature by many users and it should be a useful addition. 

Thanks very much for supporting the project and giving us a chance to create this game! Talk to you all soon if not somewhere else but in this comment section, and take care in the meantime.

4 responses to “Latest developments”

  1. Glad you got the A-OK from the doc and you’re on to bigger things in Subverse dev, Tibor! I’m really looking forward to the progression systems being touched up alongside the upcoming UI changes, so this is really great news for me. Your story is an inspiring one and I’m glad you don’t let the past OR the big bad Covid stop you from getting on your feet.


    1. Thanks very much for your kind words. It means a lot. I will share more details on the progression system and all other elements as the development is progressing. As always, behalf of the team, thanks for your support.


  2. Best wishes for a full recovery. I and many fans are still itching to hear more good news from you and the Subverse team!


    1. Thank you Adam, we appreciate your support.


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